Com comércio bilateral de R$ 60 bilhões, Alemanha espera incrementar investimentos no Brasil após acordo UE/Mercosul

A balança comercial entre Brasil e Alemanha fechou o ano passado com um volume de € 16 bilhões, o equivalente a R$ 60 bilhões.

O Brasil compra carros, autopeças, máquinas, ferramentas e produtos industrializados alemães.

Carros alemães vendidos no Brasil. Foto: Divulgacão
Gado brasileiro no pasto. Foto: Ministério da Agricultura.

Já o Brasil vende aos alemães produtos agrícolas (carne, soja e algodão), mas também peças de aviões. “Temos muito potencial para ampliar o comércio”, garante o embaixador da Alemanha, Georg Witschel.

O embaixador alemão na sede da representação diplomática, em Brasília. Foto: Claudia Godoy

No ano passado, o comércio bilateral registrou um superávit alemão nas trocas comerciais, com um aumento nas exportações alemãs para o Brasil de cerca de 10%, atingindo € 9,4 bilhões. Já o Brasil apresentou uma queda de 3,8% nas suas vendas, alcançando € 7,4 bilhões de euros. “Parece muito, mas no comércio total o Brasil poderia estar melhor. afirma Witschel.

Wischel e Damaris Jenne, 1 secretária de Assuntos Culturais e Imprensa da embaixada alemã. Foto: Claudia Godoy

Os alemães estão muito presentes também quando o assunto é preocupação ambiental e direitos humanos no Brasil. “De interesse não só da América Latina, mas também do Brasil e do mundo”, disse o embaixador.

Somente o volume de recursos alemães utilizados na preservação do meio ambiente e em energia sustentável, no Brasil, atinge de R$ 8 a R$ 10 bilhões de reais em projetos como VLT (Veículo Leve sobre Trilhos), no Rio de Janeiro, metrô, em Salvador, além de vários outros projetos de geração e distribuição de energia renovável.

Construção do VLT na capital carioca. Foto: Divulgacão.
O VLT funcionando no Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Divulgacão

Já os investimentos alemães no mercado brasileiro Brasil atingem hoje R$ 4 bilhões. O acordo firmado na semana passada pela União Europeia e o mercosul deverão incrementar ainda mais o volume de recursos investidos no país. “Com o acordo de livre comércio, tenho certeza que não somente as importações e exportações irão crescer, mas também os investimentos”, garantiu o embaixador alemão.

Author: Claudia Godoy

Jornalista e fotógrafa, atuei na cobertura de imprensa nos Ministérios da Fazenda, Agricultura, Planejamento, Indústria e Comércio, Relações Exteriores, Saúde, Educação, além de Congresso Nacional, Palácio do Planalto e Banco Central. Também repórter e produtora de rádio e tv.

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    feelings about your choices right now, hopefully, like the adult she is, she can take responsibility for them, do
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    you, own the things that are really about her own adjustments, and if she’s
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    lifestyles. And if it turns out that a few months down the road your relationship is still going really strongly and that there are
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    and even a page in Verdi’s Don Carlo. The convention was beginning to
    die out with Siebel, the ingenuous youth in Charles Gounod’s
    Faust (1859) and the gypsy boy Beppe in Mascagni’s L’Amico Fritz, so that Offenbach gave the role of
    Cupid to a real boy in Orphe aux Enfers. But Sarah Bernhardt played Hamlet in tights,
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    other in fact being a prosthesis) and Prince Orlovsky, who gives the
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    Since 2007, following the model set in the 1990s by the Evangelical right, she has
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    First Tribal Council vote outs: 2 People that haven gone to tribal yet:
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    remarks to the audience, especially in the show Up Pompeii!, which was a direct follow up from Forum.
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    Players don buy costumes for genders they don play..

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    to dance on the card table while the game was underway.[42] In September 2015, Caesars
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    the Bank Secrecy Act.[43] In October 2017, ownership of Caesars Palace was
    transferred to Vici Properties as part of a corporate spin off;
    Vici leased the property back to Caesars Entertainment at an initial annual rent of $165 million.[44][45]Jeff Campbell of Lonely Planet refers to the hotel as “quintessentially Las Vegas”,
    a “Greco Roman fantasyland featuring marble reproductions of classical statuary”.[46] The art deco style fused with clear influences from
    Hollywood epic productions dominate.[47] Construction of the 14
    story Caesars Palace hotel on the 34 acre (14 site began in 1962,
    and it opened in 1966. It lay next to Dunes Hotel and opposite the Desert Inn.[48] The original hotel featured
    lanes of cypresses and marble columns as part of
    a 900 feet (270 frontage, with the hotel set back 475 feet (145 .
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    fountains throughout[49] the casino resort uses over 240 million gallons a year.[47] A 20 feet (6.1 high statue of Julius Caesar hailing a
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    of the Sabine Women and statues of Venus and David which greet guests as
    they arrive.[50] Near the entrance is a four faced, eight handed Brahma
    shrine which weighs four tons,[46] It was made in Bangkok, Thailand, with a casting ceremony on November 25, 1983, according to the inscription on it.[51]A
    $75 million renovation of the hotel’s original Roman Tower,
    built in 1966 and extended in 1974, is slated for completion in January 2016.[52]
    The 14 story Tower, last renovated in 2001, will have 20 rooms added for a total of 587 rooms
    and suites, and will be renamed the Julius Tower.[53] Entertainment Close
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    completed in 1970 at a cost of $4.2 million.[55] In 2011 it was announced that
    the tower would be renovated and be renamed to Nobu, and
    to operate as the first Nobu Hotel with a restaurant.[56]Rooms in the Forum Tower,
    opened in 1979.[57] The Palace Tower opened in 1998
    and mirrors the Greco Roman theme of the hotel with fluted columns and Corinthian columns and
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    new song, “Running Scared”, based loosely on the rhythm of Ravel’s Bolro; the song was
    about a man on the lookout for his girlfriend’s previous boyfriend, who he feared would try to
    take her away. Orbison encountered difficulty when he found himself unable to hit the song’s highest note without his voice breaking.
    He was backed by an orchestra in the studio and Porter told him he would have to sing louder than his accompaniment because the orchestra was unable to be
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    father, Giles is. Giles was in a relationship with
    Casey’s mother before she and Witherspoon spent their “little weekend together”.
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    there are millions of sick pedophiles doing god knows what
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    Simultaneously, it is also forgotten that, during the same period,
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    Am thankful to be married to a man who loves being a dad as much
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    Practically speaking, we have a great network of help with lots
    of grandparents and aunties and uncles all around us.
    Senator McCain wife Cindy, disagree with anyone who would
    say she can do both.

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    human hair wigs When they take your colon out they usually leave about 8″ of your rectum in. Having
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